Strategic Growth Is About Money & Wealth... Not Geography! 

The Brokerage Pros speak to many successful franchise business owners. The question and choices that they face are centered around growth. Many owners automatically assume that their next step to growth is expand their current business into new territories. This may seem to be the next logical step; however, a smart business owner needs to explore all options. Sometimes expanding geography creates added overhead expenses and cost. Sometimes it hurts productivity because of the increased logistics of managing a business from afar. Studies show that the average employee does not want to be more than 20-25 minutes away from their job. Hiring becomes an issue. The Brokerage Pros help you explore all the options and the financial and strategic impact that occurs. Sometimes you will need funding. We are full service and there to advise you.

One of the options to explore are is Diversification. Sometimes a new revenue channel makes the most sense. You already have a presence in the community and perhaps a facility that can easily accommodate another company. Perhaps the new venture can be a concept that enjoys the same target market as your existing business. You may already have your customers for your new business.

Let’s explore together all your options before you decide how to grow.

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