Small Independent Companies Can Scale Instantly

Bob Blizzard is a franchise industry consultant with almost 20 years of experience as a turn-around specialist. His focus has been on the operations-side of the business, and he has been helping small and middle-sized independent businesses learn how to compete with larger companies that have more resources. Bob has pioneered a method called Conversion, which allows small independent companies to enjoy Instant Scalability without giving up ownership while increasing their value. The program involves Re-Branding, Re-inventing, and Re-Energizing your company to gain the scalability needed to grow and remain competitive.
If your company is experiencing flat growth and margin pressures, then you are losing your competitive edge, and value, leaving you with a poor exit strategy. This hurts you and your family. You deserve more. You deserve a chance to talk with The Brokerage Pros and explore your options.
When you started out on your journey to become a business owner, you braved the marketplace alone. Your courage is to be admired, but now your company may be at a crossroads. The competitive landscape has changed. The marketplace demands that you scale to remain competitive. Conversion allows you to accomplish this and secure your future and stay in control. Conversion is an option you need to explore for your future.

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